The Oil Supply Shock of 2014

The Oil Supply Shock of 2014

The dramatic decline in recent oil prices has started a great debate. While many Americans have seen the positive result at the gasoline pump, there are those that see another side.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, there are many investors, business managers, economists and politicians who believe this rapid descent will have a significant impact on profitability and capital spending budgets, specifically in the domestic and international energy industries.

In a recent white paper, the investment team at Bradford & Marzec, an asset manager partner with Elysian Capital Markets Group, LLC, explains the history behind the dramatic shift in oil prices and the effect upon global supply and demand. They examine the likelihood of price stabilization and chart the anticipated effect in the fixed income marketplace.

A link to the white paper appears directly below. For further white papers and a more comprehensive analysis of their fixed income strategies, please visit Bradford & Marzec website.

Click to view the Oil Supply Shock of 2014 Executive Report

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