Elysian Inside: Our Interview with Nick Georggin

Nicholas Georggin, Esq. – Corporate General Counsel

This month’s Elysian Inside features Elysian Capital Holdings, LLC’s Corporate General Counsel, Nick Georggin, Esq. Nick is a 22-year lawyer and managing partner of Georggin & Georggin, a law firm specializing in civil and corporate litigation. He is Corporate General Counsel for Elysian Capital Holdings, LLC, and its affiliates. We sat down with Nick and asked him to give us some insight on his role and the impact of having Corporate General Counsel serve Elysian Capital Holdings, LLC.

What is Corporate General Counsel?

Corporate General Counsel is the Company’s lawyer. It’s my job to deal with any potential risk or liability the Company may face and to make sure we maintain the highest standards of legal and ethical behavior. I analyze issues from a legal perspective and ensure that our Company’s performance and our corporate integrity are completely in sync.

Why is Corporate General Counsel important to a company like Elysian?

Corporate counsel is important to a company like Elysian because monitoring the legal implications of the company’s operations is a paramount element to its success. Whether it is drafting or negotiating contracts, addressing employment matters or assessing compliance issues, it is my job to respond to any questions which might affect the Company. Adhering to the rules, rendering advice and understanding the business consequences of any legal action (or inaction) can only help Elysian’s success as a business.

What impact does your career experience have on your role as Corporate General Counsel?

My experience as a litigator and certainly the insight I’ve gained by running my own law firm for over 20 years have given me the necessary tools to act as Corporate General Counsel. I’ve spent my career studying the law and addressing potential risk to my clients and have advised both public entities and private companies. This unique perspective allows me the ability to tackle a variety of issues that I may confront.

What is the best part of your job?

The best part of my job is that I learn something new every day. I love the law and its application to business. As Corporate Counsel, I’m allowed to use my passion to help Elysian’s business grow.

The Inner Edge…

1. Favorite App…

Waze – for as much driving as I do, it’s a lifesaver!

2. Five words that best describe you…

Intellectually Curious

3. Favorite thing to do to unwind / your “go to” hobby…

Hiking; Reading; Travel

4. Top three items on your bucket list…

Travel to all 7 continents;
Visit all MLB stadiums with my sons;
Pilot a jet

5. What is the best gift you have been given?

My wife and 3 children

6. What is your favorite sport to watch?

Football (on TV);
Baseball (in person)

7. If you could share a meal with 4 individuals, living or dead who would they be?

Leonardo DaVinci;
Abraham Lincoln;
Warren Buffet