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Celebrating Stupidity

Celebrating Stupidity by John Harline In many ways, finding success takes “guts” and finding “guts” takes will, strength and courage.  However, there are times when finding success requires failure.  Many potentially successful decisions are derailed by indecision, which stems from a fear of failure.  Ultimately, this becomes an enemy to our success.  Many great opportunities…

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Dr. Nai-fu Chen Joins Anfield Capital Management

Dr. Nai-fu Chen Joins Anfield Capital Management Anfield Capital Management (ACM) has announced that Dr. Nai-fu Chen has joined the firm! Nai-fu joins Anfield to advance its risk factor based investment approach known as Global Multi-Asset Strategies (GMAS) and has become a member of the ACM Investment Committee. In this capacity, Nai-fu will work closely with…

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